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5 Games to Play With the Family This Summer, While Practising Your English

Last month, we talked about some easy habits you could integrate into your day to keep practising your English during the summer break. If you missed it, you can read it here.

During the month of August, everyone is busy making plans with the family. You're rushing around, going back and forth, traveling, and everything in between.

In this blog, we’ll share some fun activities you can do with the whole family to keep practising your English together, before the new school years starts.

Simon Says

This is a fabulous game for the whole family. Whether you’re waking them up on a Monday morning, or preparing dinner in the evening, this activity is bound to get them excited and wanting more. It’s great for listening comprehension and vocabulary review.

Here's how to play:


This game can be played at home using a big drawing board, or you can create your own online Word Wall digital version for FREE. This game can be very exciting for the kids, because of its competitive nature. It's great for spelling practice and vocabulary review.

Here's how to play:


This is a great game to get a little creative and to practise your word retrieval skills. Word retrieval can be one of the most difficult practices for English learners, because it implies locating and communicating previously learned information on the spot. Have no fear! Pictionary will aid in perfecting a person's ability to think of the right word to say when they need it while under pressure. The same skill is required when practising your English in real world conversations.

Here's how to play:

Guessing Game

Take random objects such as books, pencils, toys, flowers, etc., and place them on a tray. Blindfold your players and ask them to touch, feel, and identify the object aloud in English. Ask each player to take turns to spell out the word/name of the object. Every correct spelled word gets one point. The one who gets the most points in the end, will be declared the winner.

Word Hunt

This fun and super easy activity allows you to review the alphabet, while practising vocabulary. First, you divide a large piece of cardboard into two parts. One for letters and one for words. For the right side, ask the family to look for words that start with every letter of the alphabet. You can find and cut out words from old magazines or books with big print. On the left side, ask your participants to write all the letters of the alphabet down in a column starting with A, all the way to Z. Now tell them to start matching the words and pasting them corresponding to the letters. Identify 5-10 words for each letter, and make sure to read them out loud to work on your pronunciation. For the game to work, you will need to pre-cut out a minimum of 130 words, which is 5 for each letter of the alphabet.


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Thanks for reading!

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