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5 Ways to Keep Practising Your English During the Summer Break

Happy July! Some of us may be taking a break from regular school activities this summer, but how can we keep practising our English so that we don't lose our current progress in the next couple of months?

Here are 5 tips on how you can keep practising your English this summer, while you wait for that new semester to begin:

1. Change the Language on Your Cell Phone Typing Keyboards

This is a simple way to incorporate English into your daily texting habits. Go into your settings and download the English keyboard, if you haven't already. Having a downloaded English keyboard will also help you correct any bad spelling and grammar habits on the spot. If you want to take this to the next level, you can also start an ¨English Only¨ Whatsapp chat group with your closest friends, classmates, or family members, who also wish to practise their English during the summer break.

2. Watch Your Favourite Series and Movies With English Audio or English Subtitles

It's important that our ears pick up as much English around them, constantly. Watching English movies with English audio, with your first language as subtitles, is a great way to learn new vocabulary and understand sounds related to complex English words. Try it all summer. Make it a goal for yourself to watch all your movies in English with subtitles in your first language, if you are a beginner. Once you're up for the challenge, switch it to all English audio and subtitles to see how much your comprehension has advanced in a short period of time.

3. Make a Playlist With English Songs

Background hearing is essential in our English learning journey, and making a playlist where you can enjoy the benefits of background hearing while listening to your favourite songs is an easy tactic to accelerate that process. Create an all English playlist you can listen to daily. Take it a step further by researching the lyrics to some of your favourite tracks, and incorporate new songs regularly to keep your list fresh.

4. Join an Accelerated English Summer Course Program

Summer is here and there are many wonderful English summer programs to help you learn faster at this time. Looking for a perfect summer program where you can learn in your own learning style? This summer, Helen Doron English CDMX offers an accelerated English learning program 100% in English. The program runs Monday through Friday, 9am to 2pm, starting on July 18 and concluding August 12. This fabulous summer program incorporates activities like Yoga, Cooking, Kinesthetic Outdoor Activities, Music, and much more for students ages 3-10. To inquire and learn more, please visit our landing page here.

5. Listen to the Audio Book While You Read

If you're trying to read a book in English, it is important to read it knowing the correct sounds used phonetically to improve your pronunciation while speaking. Reading a book while listening to the audio book simultaneously, can help correct any misheard or mispronounced words from the get-go so that we don't carry bad pronunciation habits with us forward into real-life conversations.


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