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No one knows when sports will be returning to our daily life or what restrictions will be implemented upon return, but there is no excuse in doing sports due to the endless benefits for the children. Even if your child cannot participate in their sporting activities, it is essential to ensure that they are still active. But let me convince you by mentioning some of the benefits.

10 Benefits for NOT being a couch potato:

1. Enhances self-esteem.

2. Facilitates weight loss and weight control.

3. Enhances stamina and endurance. The more children go out to play, the more they experience enhanced heart stamina and muscular endurance, or their ability to work over a long period of time.

4. Decreases blood sugar levels. By exercising regularly, it prevents children from developing diabetes.

5. Normalizes blood pressure. With exercise, stress levels and anxiety come down significantly.

6. Teaches sportsmanship, leadership, discipline and responsibility.

7. Makes children to be calm. Once they´ve exercised, a natural substance in the body called beta-endorphin is released. Serotonin is also released due to exercise. It is associated with a feeling of well-being.

8. Improves school performance.

9. Makes the heart stronger

10. Keeps the veins and arteries clear

What parents can do to help children be more physically active:

· Be a role model of physical activity to your children and let them see how much you enjoy what you do.

· Send them out to play in your backyard or in the park near your home, or swim, play soccer or basketball.

· Take out time to enjoy games as a family–nothing could be more fun.

With so many benefits of playing sports assured for children, why keep them cooped up? Let them go out, play in the fresh air and build a healthy life.

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