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5 Awesome Summer Staycation Ideas for the Whole Family!

What is a Staycation you ask?

Stay·ca·tion /ˌstāˈkāSHn/
a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. "Everything from how do you have a little vacation, call this a staycation."

Summer is just about halfway through, and very soon we will start to think about our plans for Back to School. It’s important to enjoy the down time together after the hustle and bustle of summer gatherings, trips, and all of the million ways we chose to stay busy.

Here are 5 fun staycation ideas to consider, for some quality family down time before the pace picks up again this fall:

1. Family Restaurant Night

This idea is simple, yet classic. Be prepared to pick and cook the menu for the evening, and take it up a notch with three courses. First you start with your entree of choice, followed by your main course, and ending it off with a delicious dessert. The fun is in the preparation and the ambiance while you plan it out as a family, and spend quality time together. Turn your kitchen or dining room into a magical restaurant theme. The sky's the limit with creativity. Let your kids run wild with their imagination and make it happen, in your space and on the plate!

2. Game and Craft Night

This is a fun idea where the name of the game is to play and create. Curate the evening and choose a couple of easy games and craft ideas to fill the night. Start with the crafts, as it requires more concentration, followed by a family favourite board game. Don't forget the snacks!

3. Family Movie Marathon

This one is one of our personal favourites. Make a wishlist of movies you’d like to watch as a family, and binge guilt free. You can even set a theme for the evening, like about ¨superheroes¨ or ¨movies based on books¨. Kick it up a notch by choosing an English movie, so you can practice a little bit of that background hearing we love so much. Watch it on a tv screen, set up a projector, or simply lay in bed with the laptop with everyone snuggled in. With a little popcorn and a warm blanket, you're good to go.

4. Family Home Swap

This one is challenging, and quite frankly an out of the box idea for more adventurous families. Have you ever seen the movie The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? Two women from two different parts of the world swap homes for the holidays, and explore different countries and ways of life. Since this is a staycation we’re talking about, swap with family friends or extended family that live in the same city. This allows you to experience another setting, while staying in your hometown and saving some cash on an Air BnB or hotel.

5. Play a Tourist in Your Hometown

Last but not least, this is a very easy way to have a little fun while learning a new point of view. Sometimes, living in a big city makes us avoid touristy spots because, quite frankly, we find it cheesy and loaded with tourists. However, if you open your mind, maybe that trip to some of the ¨typical¨ tourist spots might open your eyes to another side we haven’t seen, or failed to see, the first time around. Go into this experience with a different mindset, and fall in love with your hometown all over again.


Another Succesful Year of English Summer Fun!

¡Gracias a ustedes, estamos celebrando otro año de éxito con nuestro curso de verano! Hasta el próximo año! Here are some highlights from this year...enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Thanks for watching!

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