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5 Festive Holiday Bonding Activities for the Whole Family

The holidays are just around the corner, which means we will finally get to enjoy a little downtime with the family. During the year, schedules got hectic, and life along with covid this year just seemed to get the best of us at times. However, if we can be more intentional during this time of year to really set some time aside for the people we love, and truly be present, we can be sure to get a little closer to feeling at home, and more like ourselves by the end of 2021.

Here are some bonding activities the whole family can enjoy this holiday season:

Cook a Meal Together

There's nothing more exciting than finally getting to sink your teeth into that holiday meal, but nothing beats the opportunity to be able to create a full course dinner together as a united family. This year create your own family menu, where each member of the family chooses a favourite dish, and helps prepare it. This will allow everyone to take part in the preparation, celebrate their individual taste, and make everyone feel special while highlighting their Holiday dinner favourites.

Holiday Movie Time

During the holidays, we have so much content to choose from on cable TV, but creating a yearly family movie tradition is sure to tighten the bond. Whether it’s Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas, A Nightmare Before Christmas, or Die Hard (which is a Christmas Movie btw), having the whole family choose and watch a film that reminds them of home each year will brighten up the holiday spirit en casa.

Make Holiday Ornaments Together

You may already have your holiday tree, but while everyone waits around, creative craft time is sure to keep the kids and adults entertained. Watch this great video from Miss Eli, and learn how to make holiday ornaments with the whole family:

Make a Family Time Capsule

Time capsules are a fun way to finish off the year, and with the end of 2021 aproaching, now is a great time to make a time capsule with the whole family! Put in your favourite family memories from this past year, and enjoy looking back on the memories for many years to come.

Learn About and Enjoy Another Holiday Tradition from a Different Culture

All around the world during this time of year, different families from different cultures enjoy all kinds of holiday celebrations and traditions. As members of the Helen Doron global community, we understand the importance of learning English, as well as, the importance of inclusivity and the responsibility we have to educate ourselves in the pursuit of becoming responsible and more loving global citizens. This year, challenge the whole family to learn about another culture and learn about the richness of other holiday traditions. This teaches our children from a young age that there is more to the world than what is simply familiar.

Holiday Reminders!

A Special Thank You to Our Helen Doron CDMX Community!

¡Un agradecimiento super especial a todos nuestrxs papás, mamás, familias y estudiantes, de parte de Fundación IRE IRE y Helen Doron CDMX por recolectar donativos en comunidad esta temporada! ¡Fue un gran éxito! Muchísimas gracias de todo corazón. Para saber mas sobre Fundación IRE IRE visiten su pagina web aqui.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for watching!

Happy Holidays!


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