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Gratitude and Kindness! Pass It On!


Every now and then, we expect our children to be amazed by the surprise trip we planned, over the toy we assumed they would love, or over the fashionable clothes and video games we eagerly bought for them on their birthdays. However, time and time again, we are faced with a

disappointed reaction on their little faces. We don't know whether to fume over how they got this way, or how we failed as parents. Let's all take a breath. That is the exact moment in which we should take the opportunity to teach them how important it is to understand gratitude. Gratitude is a value that must be fine-tuned in all of us. Our wealth in life shouldn't be defined by material things, but by love, special people, joyful moments, and the appreciation for all that we have, no matter how big or how small.

Here are some ways to teach our children how to be grateful:

  1. Teach them to say “thank you” before and after each meal.

  2. Be grateful for the presence of your children in your life. Express it frequently to them.

  3. Teach them to care for others and their community, and to share with those who are less fortunate. Think of a community activity you can do as a whole family, like a holiday food drive.

  4. Teach them to be generous. Generosity is a huge step towards gratitude. Teach them to perhaps give away one of their toys to a less fortunate child. This will teach them that empathy is more important then material things.

  5. Look for the silver lining through tough times. Help your child see that something good can come from a difficult circumstance.

  6. Share and discuss one thing you are all grateful for daily, during dinner or family time.

  7. Read books about gratitude.

  8. Make your children help out at home, and express your gratitude for their efforts.

  9. Make them earn things through service.

  10. Be consitent in your teachings, and practice everyday. Don't forget to lead by example.


Gratitude Jar

Here's an activity where everyone in the family writes something they are grateful for, dropping their notes into the jar each day, while creating a list of collective blessings. You can decorate and personalize your Gratitude Jar as a whole family, and share your notes at the end of each week. More importantly, when we intentionally look for little joys around us, we realize there is so much to be grateful for.

Gratitude Meditations for Kids

Here are some gratitude meditations that can help your children wind down from a busy day! Enjoy!

Miss Claudia, a.k.a. Claudia Bibiana Oliva, nacío en Mendoza, Argentina. Desde muy pequeña jugaba a que era maestra, vocación que sigue ejerciendo con amor y pasión. Se graduó como profesora de inglés de la UNC (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) y esta certificada como maestra en Fun with Flupe, Alphaboat, y Jump with Joey, con Helen Doron English. Residente en México desde hace más de 20 años, le fascina bailar tango y practicar paddle board.

Thank you for reading! More soon!

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